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Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (1 Case)

Patients can now enjoy a sweet treat or satisfying dessert without the guilt. Our NEW Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are the perfect Oreo alternative for patients watching their net carb intake. Enjoy 2 cookies per serving, containing 0 grams of sugar, just 6 net carbs, and 12 grams of protein to stay sated and satisfied. 

Coated Soy Snacks (1 case)

Our bestselling Coated Soy Snacks are packed full of 15 grams of protein and are a yummy, convenient fill-me-up that adds a sweet treat to any weight loss program. At only 150 calories a packet, patients can satisfy those pesky cravings and treat themselves — not cheat themselves.

Gelatin (1 case)

Satisfy a sugar craving without the sugar. Gelatin is a light and fruity alternative for a midday snack or evening treat. Mix with seltzer for a sparkling treat in your liquid diet. This tasty treat contains only 70 calories per serving and is loaded with 16 grams of protein for sustainable, long lasting fullness.

High Protein Pudding/Shake Mixes (1 case)

Our High Protein Pudding/Shake is the gold standard in the weight loss industry. Shake and pudding mixes are a delicious and versatile treat between meals, or even as a dessert. Discover the many delicious possibilities from fresh fruit frappes to fudgsicles. High Protein Pudding/ Shake Mixes can be stirred into either a creamy pudding or a thick, delicious shake for up to 18 grams of slow-digesting protein. All for 100 calories or less!

High Protein Wafers (1 case)

For a quick and delicious snack or dessert, look to High Protein Wafers, available in five distinct, bestselling flavors. These great tasting, long lasting, hunger sustaining squares are full of 15 grams of protein and are guaranteed to keep your patient’s pesky cravings at bay. Our richest offering is only 210 calories, with all three flavors cholesterol free.