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No spoon? No problem! Our liquid protein concentrates practically mix themselves. Add flavor and a protein boost to your water with these convenient concentrates, available in eight distinct flavors. Awaken the taste and sustainability of 15 grams of protein, all for just 70 calories.

High Protein Cold Drinks (1 case)

Satisfy a thirst for a refreshing, sweetened drink without the extra calories and sugar of soft drinks. Our High Protein Cold Drinks are made from a mix of easily digestible proteins suitable for low calorie diets. A light, refreshing taste of summer to last you all year round. Pop in the freezer for an even more delicious popsicle!

High Protein Hot Drinks (1 case)

Our low fat High Protein Hot Drinks are a delicious alternative to a daily coffee or hot chocolate habit, boasting 15 grams of protein and only 80 calories per serving. Mix with hot water for a rich and creamy mocha or chocolate treat, and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of this slow digesting, hunger satisfying formula.

Smart Styx (1 case/24 boxes)

Smart Styx is a pure energy drink that wakes your brain cells for intense focus and concentration. Powerful antioxidants purify your system, while accelerating fat loss and enhancing calorie burn.